18 U.S.C. 2257 Records Keeping Requirements Compliance Statement

Adulting provides a technical platform, acting exclusively as the supplier of a technical product accompanied by a series of conditions and terms of use, that once respected, are able to ensure law obedience and the respect of legal rights and interests of persons.

By exception, when there will be modifications in regards to the activities and services of the website so that Adulting will fulfill the conditions stipulated in 18 US Code 2257 referring to producers (primary or secondary), Adulting will make sure that all persons presented in the published videos and images, should they reflect explicitly real sexual behaviour, or simulated sexual behaviour, were at least 18 years old when the content was created.

Evidence on the age of models will be kept according to 18 US Code 2257.

Adulting is not a producer (primary or secondary) as defined by 18 USC 2257 and is therefore not obliged to keep the archive imposed by the same body of law. The content on the website is entirely provided by third-party contributors over which Adulting has no control or authority. Adulting is a website of video sharing that allows, conditioned by the obedience of certain conditions, the upload, sharing and viewing of videos with content destined exclusively to adults.

Adulting is making all efforts that can be reasonably purported for checking that the law and terms and conditions of Adulting are respected. Nevertheless, Adulting cannot guarantee that checking the conformity of the videos will be 100% efficient. The verifications are performed manually and are therefore not infallible.

For this reason, we would like your support in our activities and notify us of any irregularity, crime or any violation of the law that you notice. Adulting has a tool that allows for any video to be marked as inappropriate. Should a video be marked as having illegal, harassing, xenophobic or racist, threatening, harmful and offensive content, Adulting will immediately take it down from the website. Users of Adulting that signal such content are asked to mark it as inappropriate by clicking the “Report this video” button found under each video.

Adulting has imposed a series of conditions (detailed in the Terms & conditions document) in order to ensure the compliance of the law:

  • all contributors and users uploading videos have to be at least 18 years old
  • all contributors and users are obliged to provide a series of personal data once registered on the website
  • the provided personal data must be complete and real, providing false or incomplete information or not providing certain information will attract civil/penal responsibility
  • users/contributors must act with good faith, with any abusive behavior to be sanctioned by blocking the access to the website when uploading the videos, the users/contributor must check
  • the origin and content of the video and make sure that the protagonists have the minimum legal age in order to give their consent for taking part in such an activity
  • the user/contributor has to certify the fact that they are keeping records of the personal data of protagonists and that they are at least 18 years old

Should you need assistance and/or information in finding the original presentation website of a video, or if you want to submit a complaint, please contact Adulting at the following email address: [email protected]