1. The effects of the terms and conditions

Adulting puts at users’ disposal, a series of materials destined exclusively to adults that users would benefit from in the specific conditions stipulated in the "Terms and Conditions". Considering the fact that using Adulting implies the unconditional acceptance of the present terms and conditions we recommend you to take time for carefully reading the present Terms and Conditions.

The present terms are applied to users, visitors and contributors, the moment they access the website. These terms are applied regardless of the device you are using for accessing the Adulting.com website (including desktop, laptop or the mobile web browser, digital television, mobile phones).

These terms and conditions, rules and dispositions that are interdependent with respect to the present agreement or that the present agreement refers to, including, but without being limited to our privacy policy, our DMCA policy and Declaration 2257 represent a contract that you unconditionally adhere to the moment you use the services offered by Adulting.

2. Definitions

Adulting”: refers to the https://www.adulting.net/ website, its owners, its managers and any person involved in managing, administrating and developing the website.

„Adulting content”: includes, graphics, layout, logos, images, audio materials, videos or other motion images, details about the product and/or software, published or available in any way for the user on the website, as well as all products supplied through the website.

„Services”: all functions of the website, services and materials feature on the website, including but without being limited to lyrics, audio, audio-visual and video images provided

„Contributors”: a person that contributes to the website’s content both by uploading videos and by posting, creating, publishing, information, videos, images, recordings, materials, code or any kind of content on message panels, chat rooms, forums and any other interactive elements on or through the website.

„Copyright”: the right to be recognized as sole author of the work, having the moral and patrimonial characteristics stated by the law regarding copyright and connected rights

”Abusive content”: video and any post having abusive, illegal, harassing, xenophobe or racist, threatening, harmful, any content that breaks the law, the right to dignity, private life or scenes encouraging such behavior.

3. Conditions for using the website

A. General conditions for using the website

Adulting puts at your disposal and grants you the permission of using the services offered by the website only by strictly respecting the present conditions. Accessing and using Adulting is done under the authority of the present rules and is conditioned by accepting and respecting them.

Adulting is a website exclusively destined to persons of full age. In order to use the services put at your disposal by the website, you must have the legal capacity to adhere to the terms of Adulting and navigate on the website. The access of underage users and visitors is strictly forbidden.

In order to use the services offered by the website, you must have the legal capacity of adhering to the Terms of Adulting. By accessing and using Adulting, you give your full and unconditional agreement of completely respecting, all the rules within the Terms and Conditions of Adulting. If you do not partially accept the stipulations of the Terms and Conditions or if you accessed the website without the intention of accepting the present Terms and Conditions or you do not have the capacity of fully understanding or accepting the Terms and Conditions, please leave this website immediately and do not use Adulting.

In countries where access to information and services within the category offered by Adulting are governed by the law, the functions of the website can be used only by respecting the legal dispositions applicable in your country.

The content of Adulting is provided for personal use and cannot be used, copied, distributed, transmitted, broadcasted, displayed, sold, licensed or exploited in any other ways than according to the conditions presented here or in any other purposes, without a preliminary written agreement of Adulting.

Your access to Adulting.com can be immediately restricted or suspended, without a preliminary notice.Since it is a free service, the owner of Adulting can decide, without any formality or preliminary procedure, unmotivated, unconditionally, the suspension or the interruption of the Adulting.com.

If you choose to create an account, you agree to provide us with real, exact, up-to-date and complete information about you, as in the registration process. You also agree that once supplying such data, you will not willingly omit giving certain information or provide false information.

It is forbidden the disturbance of the use and exploitation of the website by third parts.

The launch or use of any computer system is forbidden, including but not being limited to, „robots”, „spiders” and „offline readers” or any system.

Collecting information or personal identification data from the Adulting.com website is forbidden.

By using the website, you are obliged not to elude, deactivate or in any way interfere with the website’s security systems.

Any violations in the security system can lead to your civil or legal responsibility.

B. Forbidden access to minors

Adulting displays materials that might have a negative influence on minors or vulnerable persons. The moment you access the website, you declare on your own account that you are at least 18 years old.

C. Conditions of using the website that are applicable to contributors

Contributors have the right to upload content on the website whenever they want, as long as they respect the following rules and conditions:

1. in order to upload video or any other kind of content on the website, an account is compulsory

2. when creating an account, you need providing at least the following data and information:
– username
– valid email address
– password

3. by creating an account, you give your consent and authorize us to verify the accuracy of the registration data you provided

4. by posting on Adulting.com you declare on your own account and guarantee that you own the licenses, rights and/or permission to publish the sent content

5. you oblige that the content you upload on the website:
– respect the laws, national and international (concerning even private life, contracts, patents, commercial brands, commercial secrets, copyrights, defamation, obscenity, pornography, publicity rights or other rights)
– not damage the activity of other users on the website, including by engaging in a behaviour that is threatening, abusive, instigating to hatred, xenophobic, racist, intimidating, violent or encouraging violence against people or animals, harassing, that violates the right to private life of another person or that is in any other way inadequate
– it is banned and sanctioned with restricted access to the website and, if the case, notifying the authorities, to post any content that shows a person aged under 18
– it is banned and can have legal consequences posting any content, that depicts child pornography, rape, drug consumption, torture, death, violence, incest, racism
– it is forbidden to compromise the functions of the website so as to obtain access to any part in which you are not authorized to have access, deleting, modifying or eluding any cryptic or security technology of the website or related to it and the services it provides

6. you are obliged to send to Adulting.com the non-exclusive right of use over the content published on the website, including the right to reproduce, translate, borrow, rent, interpret and transmit by any technology etc and the right to keep, without using, a copy of the video after you decide to delete it

7. the moment you send the material, you give the users of the website the right to view the material, share, communicate and perform any other action allowed by the website’s functionality and by respecting these Terms & Conditions

As far as the law allows, you agree to defend, compensate and exonerate Adulting, the website operator, the parent corporation, the services suppliers, directors, employees, agents, for damage,obligations, losses, debts, costs or expenses that might result from: using and accessing the website, your violation of any of these terms and conditions, your violations of third-party rights or any other situation in which your content caused damaged to a third-party.

It is forbidden to upload any material whose content violates international or European treaties and conventions, European directives or the national legislation that is applicable in the contributor’s country.

It is forbidden to upload materials that violate the legitimate rights and interests of third-parties. Under no circumstances are users allowed to upload on the website materials that are xenophobic, racist, have obscene messages, a content that is threatening, false, deceiving, abusive, harassing, discriminating, licentious, scandalous, instigating to hate, discrimination or racism

4. Limiting responsibility

By accessing Adulting, you claim the fact that using the website is done on your own account, a respect third parts’ rights.

Adulting will not be responsible for the user’s behavior. Adulting, its owner/administrator, all the judicial persons and affiliated entities, partner societies or belonging to the same group, employees and other agents involved in making any of the services that are offered on the website, including creating and publishing the material.

You are the only responsible for keeping the confidentiality of your registration data and of all the prejudices and damages or losses that you could potentially suffer. Adulting is not responsible for any prejudice caused by/related to the theft or leakage of your personal registration data or by you authorising another person to access and use the service with your ID, and does not take any responsibility for damage caused to the users by accessing the website, is not responsible for the modifying, suspending or interrupting the services that are available through the website.

The entire informational and multimedia content accessed by the user through Adulting is hosted and provided by external websites whose content is accessible to the wide public.These websites are responsible for the content they host, provided and/or transmit.

You agree to defend us, compensate and personally assume the guilt regarding any loss, expense, or damage (including, in reasonable quantum, lawyers fees and any other costs associated with a litigation), appeared as a result or related to any claim or action based on you breaking the present agreement, your usage of the services and/or using the service by any other person using your ID.

5. Links to other pages

The Adulting website contains links to third party websites or other services that are not owned or controlled by the Adulting administrators. Using and accessing this links is the choice of the users and when these links are accessed, the users submit to the policy of the respective website.

6. Modifications of these terms

Adulting has the right to modify at any moment the content of the terms and conditions of usage, with or without a preliminary notification. The new conditions become applicable at the moment they were published on the website and do not have retroactive effects.Please check and reread these terms regularly, having in mind the fact that any modifications will be applied right after posting on the website.

7. Complaints / Support

For any questions, doubts, complaints, suggestions regarding the website or the service offered by Adulting, please contact us at the email address [email protected].